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My cousin practices stuff with me and is it ok?

Ok well when I was 12 and my cousin was 15 we would hang out like every weekend. We’d stay up all night watching funny movies and scary movies and stuff and it was so fun. She used to get scared when we’d watch a scary movie she’d like hug me. and it was fun cuz I’d lay her on the floor and tickle her like crazy. We’d tell each other tons of stuff that i never told my friends. well one time she came over and was crying and stuff and i hugged her for a long time. i asked her why she was crying and she said she cant find a boyfriend. and i said that id be her boyfriend. she like smiled and gave me a big hug. i dont no wat a boyfriend means. my cousin is really cute, like when we would play house and stuff she would wear really pretty outfits that her older sister gave her. they were really small shorts that had holes in them but my cousin really liked them. she would wear this shirt thing that didnt cover her belly button or stomach. i think one time she called it a braw or something. she had long blonde hair with some like black or something in it. well one day she came over and we started watching tv. my parents and her parents left to go out for something and my cousin could sleepover. we were really happy cuz we could stay up late having fun. well it was about 10 oclock or something and we went to the bed cuz she wanted to play hide under the covers. we would always play that game cuz my bed is so big its hard to find her cuz we would put blankets over our eyes so we couldn’t see. well she find me one time and i layed down on the bed laughing. she was laughing too. shee crawled up to me and sat on my. like on my stomach. she was smiling and i was laughing. she gave me a hug and it was so fun. she looked at me and told me she was kinda tired but she smiling when she said it. i said ok. but then she took offf one of her shirts that her sister gave her. i dont think it was that braw thing it was just a normal shirt. i took mine off to cuz i thought she wanted to like rustle or soemthing. but i didnt no wat happend next. she went under the blankets and took my shorts off. and she came back up from the covers with hers off too. i smiled cuz i figured we were going to bed like usual but she was smliling the whole tim. she like rubbed her hands on my chest and stuff and said to me ’ do u like this’ and she startd to rub her like body against my thing. i dont no wat happened by my thing got kinda like hard nd it kinda hurt but it felt nice. i smiled and i said that it was nice. my cousin is cute. i always thought that. and i always thought she had like pretty boobies. i heard my one friend say that and he said that is wat girls have. and she had like big ones. and i thought she was pretty. she gave me a kiss, which we liked to do. but she like put her tongue on my mouth. i didnt no wat to do. she then told me to hang on. i didnt no y. then she went under the covers and started to touch my thingy. i was really scared. i didnt no wat to do. so i pulled the covers off and i saw her pulling down my underwear. she started to like lick my thing. it felt nice though. she put it in her mouth and like did stuff. i was really scared but she was smiling the whole time so i smiled back. she even rubbed hers boobbies agianst my thing and that felt nice. and when we went to bed later she asked if i liked it and i said yes. but i asked her wat was she doing and she said it was a game she wanted to play and if i wantd to do it again the next time she wanted to sleep over and i said yea. so she did the next time she came over. it feels so good but i dont know if it is a good thing. myy friends talk about other girls not their cousins and stuff. but one time my cousin came over and when she was licking my thing white stuff came out of me and i didnt no wat to do. but she told me it was ok and when she does it now the white stuff is back. like im still 13 almost 14 and she is still 15 but almost 16. but i still dont no about all this stuff - my friends tell me that we will learn about it one day but idk. i never told them wat me and my cousin do. but i still like having her over we still have tons of fun. and we both like the thing she does to me. is something wrong?

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